R&D Tax Credits – a key source of funding for early stage tech businesses

10 May 2021

One of our country’s biggest success stories is our tech sector.

Property Embedded Fixtures & Features

04 May 2021

If you own your commercial premises or have incurred investment on a leased property in recent years, then you could benefit...

R&D Tax Credits: are 95% of eligible companies really still not claiming?

26 Apr 2021

For many years, one of the most tired clichés used by some R&D Tax Credit advisory companies has been that "95% of companies...

Don’t underestimate the importance of R&D Tax Credits to SME finance

19 Apr 2021

The British Business Bank’s annual Small Business Finance Markets Report  provides a timely and comprehensive review of...

21 reasons why our R&D Tax Credit service stands out from the rest.

13 Apr 2021

With most things in life, you get what you pay for – and this definitely applies to R&D Tax Credit services.

Nine Mega Trends Radically Accelerated by COVID-19

07 Apr 2021

Frost & Sullivan’s Mega Trend Universe encompasses transformative, global forces that define the future world with their...

Could HMRC "nudge" letters spell the end of the automated R&D Tax Credit claim?

31 Mar 2021

Many software development companies that make R&D Tax Credit claims have recently received so-called "nudge" letters from HMRC...

R&D Tax Credit changes about to come into force

23 Mar 2021
Latest News

From April 2021, the amount of R&D tax credit payable which an SME can claim has been limited to £20,000 plus 300% of its...

DCMS announces UK AI Strategy to be published

15 Mar 2021
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Oliver Dowden, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has set out Government’s 10 tech priorities for 2021....

R&D consultation included in the budget

08 Mar 2021
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Obviously the COVID 19 outbreak and how to protect the economy is the Chancellor’s biggest concern, but he did take time to...

Putting the D’s back into UK R&D

01 Mar 2021

The ambition of the UK Government R&D Roadmap, released in July last year, is to make the UK a global leader in science and...

UK to launch new research agency ARIA

22 Feb 2021
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The Advanced Research & Invention Agency (ARIA) will be led by scientists who will have the freedom to identify and fund...

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