Established in 1996, Rapid Prototyping Systems (RPS) develop CAD design software for the home improvement industry. Their Sunroom Designer is the world’s leading conservatory and sunroom sales tool, largely due to its ease of use and quality of graphics.

The company is now developing the next evolution of its software platform, leveraging the capabilities of game engine technology to enhance the user experience and significantly improve conversions.


“R&D is critical to the future of all our products” says Jon Twigge (MD). “To continue to grow, we need to ensure we remain market leader in our current market and create and exploit opportunities to expand into new markets.

Incorporating gaming technology into our products will enable us to develop configuration tools for other home improvement products and potentially license our technology to other software developers.


Prior to working with MSC R&D, RPS had, like many companies, gone several years without realising that they could actually claim R&D tax credits, before eventually deciding to use the services of a financially oriented advisor to help them with their claims.

This advisor knew the basics of the scheme, but left it to RPS to identify the qualifying R&D. Not surprisingly there was a general lack of confidence as to the compliance of their claim submissions, and RPS were advised to err on the cautious side so as to avoid any risk of a HMRC enquiry.

The need for change was recognised when the company brought in a new FD from the FD Centre (The FDC is a market leading organisation of part-time FDs and MSC R&D has been their national partner since 2015, working with dozens of their clients).

Having directly experienced the MSC R&D process with other clients, it was clear to the FD that there were weaknesses in the way RPS were making R&D tax credit claims and so MSC R&D were brought in to ensure optimisation and compliance.

Employing our fast-track Blitz process, two of our experts – Dr Guillaume Peersman (PhD in Computer Science) and Stephen Woolfe (ACA) spent a day with the RPS team ensuring all eligible R&D projects were properly identified and accessing relevant financial data.

Following the Blitz day, the MSC team prepared a comprehensive report which ensured that RPS’s improved claim to HMRC was optimised and fully compliant with HMRC rules, ensuring its successful processing was a formality.

As a result, MSC R&D continue to be RPS’s R&D tax credit claims advisor.


“One of the great thing about MSC R&D is their knowledge of and passion for technology. We started the process off with a deep technical discussion about what we do as a company and concluded that we were working on one big project which encompassed a lot more activities than we had previously been claiming for. It was a very enlightening, fast and effective approach with the result that we came away with a significantly enhanced claim. In addition, the fact that MSC R&D employs the guy who wrote the rule book whilst at HMRC gave us total confidence that our claim would be totally compliant.”

Jon Twigge (MD)

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