VQ Communications is a market leader in the rapidly growing video conferencing management market. Its platform, VQ Conference Manager, is used widely by enterprise clients in finance, government, manufacturing and education.

Prior to Covid-19, annualised call volume had already exceeded 1bn call minutes/year. Since Covid-19, demand has accelerated rapidly and Conference Manager's scalability and availability is key to our client's success.


“R&D is everything to us” says Mike Horsley (CEO). “We have to keep moving forward and  innovating so we can continue to  capitalise on our growth. Conference Manager is an all-in-one solution delivering to the highest operating standards and we need to ensure that it can scale rapidly within large organisations, whilst maintaining its availability. Using Conference Manager should be like flipping a light switch – you automatically assume it will work. In addition, we are constantly adding new features which have broad appeal based on customer feedback.”


Like many companies, VQ Communications had historically used an accountant to prepare their R&D tax credit claims. However, as the business and the investment in R&D continued to grow, the management team began to realise that this typical numbers led approach was almost certainly not as diligent and professional as it should be.

Being concerned that their claims may not have been as optimised or compliant as they should be, and recognising the need for change, MSC R&D were brought in to take over the process.

Employing MSC R&D’s fast-track Blitz process, two of our experts – Dr Guillaume Peersman (PhD in Computer Science) and Deborah Chapple (ATT) spent a day with the client’s team ensuring all eligible R&D projects were properly identified and accessing relevant financial data.

Following the Blitz day, the MSC team prepared a comprehensive report which ensured that VQ Communications' sizeable six figure claim to HMRC was optimised and fully compliant with HMRC rules, ensuring its successful processing was a formality.

As a result, MSC R&D continue to be VQ Communications' R&D Tax Credit claims advisor. 


“I would thoroughly recommend MSC R&D. Guiom and Deborah are clearly both very knowledgeable and experienced and were a pleasure to work with. But it is not just that which sets MSC apart from the rest. Their fast-track Blitz approach delivers real benefits. Just one day on-site optimised the use of our time, and this was followed up rapidly  by the delivery of a comprehensive report. So the whole process was completed very quickly and efficiently.”

Mike Horsley (CEO)