MSC R&D attended techUK’s third Supercharging the Digital Economy event on Wednesday 18th October.

The event was held outside of London for the first time – with the Bright Building in Manchester being chosen as the venue, reflecting the city’s high and rapidly growing level of digital activity.

The day was spent looking at the opportunities provided by advanced digital technologies, such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality and virtual reality. In addition, discussions were held on how the industry and Government can work together to drive greater adoption and deployment of these technologies across the UK economy to benefit all, and on how a smart approach to technological adoption can build inward investment into Greater Manchester and the North.

Of particular interest was a talk by Nick Chrissos – Director of Innovation, Cisco, Europe – about their role in enabling people to innovate. With a philosophy that says a failure rate of 50% on innovation projects is far too low (reflecting a lack of entrepreneurial risk taking) and convinced that the next ‘big idea’ will not come from Silicon Valley, Cisco have set up innovation centres around the world (including Manchester) to fuel innovation and join eco-systems together.

With transport strategies being developed to bring the major centres in the North closer together, the future looks bright for the region – even if the weather forecast doesn’t always!

With an office in Sheffield and a growing number of clients around the Manchester area, MSC R&D is already heavily involved in supporting the digital community in the region through our R&D Tax Credits, R&D Grant Funding and R&D Commercialisation services.