MSC R&D were delighted to launch our exciting new award at the recent FD Centre conference - The MSC R&D Client Impact Award.

MSC R&D has been a national partner of the FD Centre for over 5 years, delivering our R&D Tax Credit and Innovation grant services to dozens of the FD Centre’s clients.

In recognition of the mutually beneficial nature of the relationship, MSC R&D have always been active sponsors of the FD Centre’s conferences, and this year we decided to go one step further with the launch of this new award.

This will be an annual award, presented at the Autumn conference, based on the FD Centre client where MSC R&D has been brought in by the FD Centre and has been able to make the biggest positive impact over their previous advisor on their business in the past twelve months.

Winners will be chosen by a joint FD Centre/MSC R&D panel, and the prizes mouth-watering!

Chris Upton was the lucky first winner - based on the impact MSC R&D had made to one of his clients, increasing their R&D Tax Credit claim by 800%!

MSC R&D was chosen by the FD Centre as a national partner because we deliver consistently high- quality results for their FDs and their clients – making everybody look good.

If you want further confirmation of what our clients and partners think of MSC R&D, then visit our Web Site or our You Tube Channel,