20 Feb

The headache of spiralling development costs for CFOs

Blog, R&D Tax Relief

It’s a common belief that great companies invest in innovation. However, the speed at which technological advancement is moving highlights the.

11 Feb

How to manage external contractor costs in software development

Blog, R&D Tax Relief

Managing costs in software development is vital when it comes to getting value for your stakeholders. That’s why it’s important that you bring in.

06 Feb

Don't get caught out by HMRC's changes to Software R&D tax credits

Blog, R&D Tax Relief

In the last couple of years, there have been a number of changes to the R&D tax credit scheme, the most significant of which was a document issued in.

28 Jan

Innovation Loans – Crossing the divide

Blog, European R&D Funding, Innovate Loans, UK R&D Funding

21 Jan

R&D funding dilemma - More tech start-ups BUT decline in early and seed stage investment

Blog, R&D Tax Relief, UK R&D Funding

More than five new tech start-ups launched every hour in 2019, contributing to a record 681,704 new business formations over the year – a 2.8%.

13 Jan

What R&D are you doing?

Blog, UK R&D Funding

A key to success in grant funding applications is “alignment”. How closely does what you are proposing to do fit with the expectations of the grant.

02 Jan

2020 - looking forward to a decade of increased investment in R&D

Blog, R&D Tax Relief, UK R&D Funding

As we enter 2020 we would like to thank all our customers and partners for helping MSC R&D to continue our very strong growth path in 2019.

16 Dec

Why you need a R&D and Innovation funding strategy

Blog, Innovate UK R&D grants, UK R&D Funding

In fast moving technology sectors, companies are under continued pressure to raise funds to accelerate their R&D & Innovation programs as product.

10 Dec

Planning for Success

Blog, European R&D Funding, Innovate UK R&D grants, UK R&D Funding

A significant problem with many grant bids is planning for success. Grant bid assessors like myself find two problems. Firstly, bids focus on the.

04 Dec

Property Embedded Fixtures & Fittings – the importance of a review

Blog, Capital Allowances

Have you or your clients had a survey of their property to highlight the embedded fixtures and fittings that qualify for tax relief?

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