13 Jan

What R&D are you doing?

Blog, UK R&D Funding

A key to success in grant funding applications is “alignment”. How closely does what you are proposing to do fit with the expectations of the grant.

02 Jan

2020 - looking forward to a decade of increased investment in R&D

Blog, R&D Tax Relief, UK R&D Funding

As we enter 2020 we would like to thank all our customers and partners for helping MSC R&D to continue our very strong growth path in 2019.

16 Dec

Why you need a R&D and Innovation funding strategy

Blog, Innovate UK R&D grants, UK R&D Funding

In fast moving technology sectors, companies are under continued pressure to raise funds to accelerate their R&D & Innovation programs as product.

10 Dec

Planning for Success

Blog, European R&D Funding, Innovate UK R&D grants, UK R&D Funding

A significant problem with many grant bids is planning for success. Grant bid assessors like myself find two problems. Firstly, bids focus on the.

04 Dec

Property Embedded Fixtures & Fittings – the importance of a review

Blog, Capital Allowances

Have you or your clients had a survey of their property to highlight the embedded fixtures and fittings that qualify for tax relief?

18 Nov

Software R&D Tax Credit claims – How watching The Simpsons can help you avoid a HMRC enquiry!

Blog, R&D Tax Relief

What have The Simpsons and successful R&D Tax Credit claims got in common? - they are both written on two levels - for two audiences.

12 Nov

Supercharging the Digital Economy

Blog, Business Growth, Innovation

MSC R&D attended the 4th Supercharging the Digital Economy conference, run by techUK, in Manchester on 6th November.

05 Nov

Software R&D Tax Credit claims – are you watertight?

Blog, R&D Tax Relief

Of the R&D Tax Credit claims made to date in 2017-18, over 12,000 were made by companies within the ICT sector.

30 Oct

What ever happened to the UK Shared Prosperity Fund?

Blog, European R&D Funding

In the run up to Teresa May's first Brexit Deal a “UK Shared Prosperity Fund” was mooted as a replacement for European Union structural funding worth.

23 Oct

What do the latest HMRC R&D Tax Credit statistics tell you?

Blog, R&D Tax Relief

HMRC has recently published its latest set of statistics for R&D Tax Credit Claims – including full year 2016-17 data and partial 2017-18 data. Here.