13 Jan

A Vision for UK Digital Trade Policy

Business Growth, Innovation, Latest News

techUK has launched its report on future UK international digital trade policy, A Vision for UK Digital Trade Policy. This report sets out an.

12 Nov

Supercharging the Digital Economy

Blog, Business Growth, Innovation

MSC R&D attended the 4th Supercharging the Digital Economy conference, run by techUK, in Manchester on 6th November.

28 Oct

£1bn to help solve poor mobile coverage

Innovation, Latest News

The Government has recently announced a much needed £1 billion deal to help enhance mobile connectivity in rural areas.

21 Oct

Confronting cyber threats to businesses and personal data

Innovation, Latest News, UK R&D Funding

British businesses and the public are set to be better protected from hostile cyber-attacks and online threats like disinformation and cyber-bullying.

17 Oct

MSC R&D sponsors BQF’s Excellence in Innovation Award

Blog, Innovation

MSC R&D is delighted to announce that it is sponsoring the Excellence in Innovation Award at the British Quality Foundation 2020 UK Excellence Awards.

07 Oct

UK to take a big ‘STEP’ to fusion electricity

Innovation, Latest News, UK R&D Funding

The UK Government is committing £220M to the conceptual design of a fusion power station – the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP).

30 Sep

Greta and the new economy

Blog, Innovation, UK R&D Funding

The Prime Minister announced £1 billion in funding for new efforts to tackle the Climate Emergency prior to the annual gathering of world leaders at.

24 Sep

Disruption is speeding up, not slowing down!

Blog, Business Growth, Innovation, UK R&D Funding

R&D is about turning money into knowledge – Innovation is about turning that knowledge into a successful business model. That is why successful.

23 Sep

The UK faces being left behind in the transition to Automation

Innovation, Latest News

Unless the Government steps up efforts to manage the transition to automation, entire regions of the UK face being left behind and British businesses.

16 Sep

Electech sector: a roadmap for the UK

Innovation, Latest News, Innovate UK R&D grants

Electech is the enabler of all things digital. It is the hardware and embedded software that allows products and processes to communicate, have.

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