When it comes to R&D Tax Credits, rather than attempting to prepare their claim themselves, many companies use their accountant or an advisor.

WHY do you do this? – because you perceive, rightly so, that R&D Tax Credits is a complex area requiring both technical expertise and an in-depth understanding of the rules in order to get it right.

HOW do you choose who to engage with? – surprisingly, given the potentially large sums of money at stake, a significant number of decisions are still made purely on the basis of either extending an existing relationship (e.g. accountant) or PRICE (% Fee). Rarely is the level of due diligence undertaken anything like as rigorous as that applied in other sourcing decisions.

Somehow the fact that the majority of fees charged by R&D Tax Credit ‘specialists’ are success based seems to reduce the need to ensure you are getting value for money. Or it ‘makes sense’ to use your accountant because it is just another part of the auditing process!

HOW then do you know you are getting the best service – the answer is you don’t!

When your company is regularly claiming 6 figures or more in R&D Tax Credits, it is all too easy to say ‘Job well done’ and put this area of finance to the bottom of the priority list.

BUT how do you know if your claims are being optimised and are fully compliant with HMRC regulations? – without getting an expert third-party review of your claims process, you simply can’t.

So, does it matter if you are missing out on 10% to 20% of what you are really entitled to claim?

Well, if that amounted to as much as £100k or even as little as £20k – this is pure cash that could be going into your business and surely worth spending an hour or so of your time thinking about.

WHY should you consider giving that hour of your time to MSC R&D? – because we have the expertise, the quality fast-track processes and the track record that are the envy of our competitors – so much so that the MSC R&D ‘Team Way’ is now a registered trademark.

Not only does our team consists of experienced technical experts, but it also includes the man who ‘wrote the rule book’. So, our people are trained to the highest level and all claims are quality checked to the highest standards. Optimisation and compliance are a given.

Our processes are underpinned by ISO9001:2015 and EFQM Committed to Excellence accreditation, guaranteeing accuracy, efficiency and consistency.

Our track record speaks for itself – over 1000 successful claims with values reaching to 7 figures, and consistently positive feedback via our customer satisfaction surveys.

We regularly do ‘health checks’ on client’s previous claims and often find both concerns re compliance and areas of missed opportunity - so why not spend an hour finding out if we can help you sleep better at night!

Then, if it makes sense, we’d be happy to review your previous claims with no obligation on your part.

And, don’t forget that HMRC allows Companies to make supplementary claims for R&D costs up to three years.

Why not give us a call now on 0114 230 8401, or email businessdevelopment@mscbdg.co.uk