There is no doubt of the impact on businesses the global pandemic is having. Not only are organisations facing a sharp decline (or, in some cases, a sharp increase) in demand for their services or products,

but there is also the challenge of how to adapt to a changing environment in delivering these.

Pandemic challenges faced in a locked down business world

The world Health Organization defines ‘pandemic’ as “the worldwide spread of a new disease.” From an operational business perspective, this has predominantly meant for most companies that a) your employees and/or clients cannot reach you; or b) your employees and/or clients can reach you but fear for their own safety.

Organisations have embraced technology to overcome the first challenge and to keep communicating with their clients and employees by implementing a work from home strategy where possible to keep them safe. Though, by adopting these methods, organisations face additional challenges: by radically changing the way their organisation operates threatens their operational continuity and data security. Furthermore, this new operational style requires a different skillset from both employees and partners, and consequently the quality of delivery could be endangered. The second issue is more challenging, though guidelines have been issued by the government, such as social distancing and hand washing techniques. However, organisations can’t verify the adequacy of these guidelines being adopted. But there is some good news: ISO standards can help you address these challenges.

Addressing operational continuity

The ISO quality initiatives prepare organisations to deal with operational continuity by detailing how to put in place a ‘Business Continuity Management System.’ It guides you through the process of assessing the risks to operational continuity and analysing the requirements to minimise the impact to the business. It is these quality initiatives that MSC adopt, enabling us to adapt quickly and efficiently to the changing environment during the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuring that our clients do not suffer any drop in quality of service.

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