Are you often inclined to respond to your R&D Tax Credit advisor in this positive manner?

“Evening Paul 

Thanks for that.  I’ll send on to our accountant as you say. 

An excellent result on this claim, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and Nick for the hard work you have both put in. 

Have noted to send the comps on to you; they should be ready in a few weeks. If you don’t hear from me, do feel free to chase. 

Best regards” 

(Group Financial Controller) 


Well that is pretty typical of the type of relationship MSC R&D has with its many R&D Tax Credit clients – which is why they stay with us for a long time.

In the R&D Tax Credit market, there are accountants and dozens of ‘specialist’ advisors  who tell their clients that they can give them all the help with preparing their claim  - and ‘don’t worry too much about compliance as HMRC haven’t got the resource to check all but a few claims!’

It doesn’t seem to matter much whether the client’s claim is relatively small and straightforward or large and complex – most advisors only have one way of working.

What actually happens, all too often, is that the client ends up doing most of the work as the advisor’s breadth of technical expertise can be very limited.

That in itself is bad enough – but if you then add in the fact that there are no formal qualifications needed before you can profess to be an expert R&D Tax Credit advisor, then you really are vulnerable to a style over substance approach.

How can you be confident that your claim is in the best possible hands and that you are going to get value for money?

  • Ensure your advisor has a background in R&D and innovation
  • Ensure your advisor has the depth of relevant technical expertise necessary to really understand your business and drill down into your R&D
  • Ensure your advisor does the work – not you
  • Ensure your advisor has clear, efficient and quality controlled processes
  • Ensure your advisor’s processes minimise the disruption to your business and fast-track the results
  • Ensure your advisor’s people are trained by the best and know the rule book inside out.
  • Ensure that your advisor’s T&Cs reflect the work they put in
  • Ensure your advisor is prepared and capable of dealing with any claim queries

One size does not fit all – with many companies, R&D Tax Credit claims contribute significantly to their R&D funding, so it is essential you get the best service – one that is tailored to your needs.

At MSC, we have the technical and financial experts, all trained by the people who wrote the rule book!

AND, because of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, this training isn’t just a one-off – it happens at least twice a year for everyone in the team.

Successful businesses set the highest standards – MSC R&D meets and exceeds these standards.